Past bing - february 12, 2016

Saving the weekend

The belt was a Christmas gift from Calum.

The album I finish mastering in this episode is called MMCCXV (or twenty-two fifteen).


In 2015 I successfully crowdfunded my second major album project as High Five Spaceship. The first, released in 2014, was called Progress. Meanwhile in 2017, Future Bing is preparing his campaign for a third and final HFS album.

MMCCXV (the year 2215 in numerals) is a progressive/experimental electronic album written, produced, mixed, and mastered by me. It features Bryarly, Carlos Montero, The Bingham String Quartet, Steve Bingham, and TVMPVST. Throughout the album a conversation is taking place between two characters, played by Bryarly and myself, explored through singing, spoken word, and rap.

MMCCXV was released a month after the end of PB in March 2016, a little later than anticipated. The extra time, however, was worth it. Almost a year later (time of writing) I can say I'm still amazed at how it turned out. It is a body of work that I am fiercely proud of.

You can get the album on iTunes, Amazon Digital, Google Play, or direct on CD and vinyl (while stocks last) from HIT WITH WRENCH.