Past bing - january 29, 2016

Mortality & Music

At this time, Daniel and his then girlfriend were staying with us temporarily. Over the years many of our friends have lived at the Arena. (In the original series, Kimmi spent several months living with us, and used my room while I was in the US for VidCon.) The track we are working on in this episode is a cover of Alive by Sia. It was never completed, however I shared a rough demo of it exclusively for Patrons on the High Five Spaceship Patreon page. Access it here by joining.

Making my bed gets a weird amount of attention in several episodes of PBFB. Partly this is because putting the cover on a duvet is my least favourite chore. Seriously, I hate doing it. I'd rather be cleaning out the toilet.

I mention Pocket Mortys in this episode, a mobile game released by Adult Swim in 2015. It is based on Rick & Morty, one of my favourite animated series, and apes the style of classic Pokémon Game Boy games. I stopped playing it when Pokémon Go came out. Then I stopped playing Pokémon Go when it got boring.

My housemate and fellow Lincoln alumnus Calum is a financial journalist. At the time this was recorded he was working for two magazines- Financial Director and Accountancy Age.

I was born with several heart defects which were fixed with two surgeries as a baby- multiple VSDs (ventricular septal defects, or 'holes') and dextrocardia (it's in the wrong place). I have spoken about it in several videos over the years, including a couple of entries to Project 4 Awesome raising money for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, where I was treated.

At the end of the episode I am reading a Criticker user review slamming the movie Jurassic World, which had recently come out.