Past Bing - January 25, 2016

Making disgusting food

The guitar being signed by Daniel Dobbs in this episode was a perk on the Kickstarter campaign for MMCCXV, the album Past Bing is in the middle of mixing. It was donated by Faith Guitars and grabbed by a backer called Thomas. I had as many High Five Spaceship collaborators sign is as possible.

In this episode Past Bing gets Jim's job title slightly wrong- it should be 'Video Game Producer', rather than 'Designer'. Later in the year PB would learn a lot more about the project and the team behind it, joining James as a marketing assistant in Cologne to demo it to the press. That trip was recorded as part of a month-long road trip series:

You can also see more of Jim and Bing at Gamescom in this Snapchat compilation:

Alex is very proud of her abominable macaroni cheese cake, but admits that it is also the worst thing she has ever created.