Past bing - april 25, 2011

shooting dear molly - sports direct


The project I'm talking about in this episode was Dear Molly, the final year film I wrote and directed. It starred Daniel J Layton as as selfish, emotionally closed-off party machine recovering from a bad break-up with a binge of one night stands. One of my goals for my final year was to get some experience directing sexual intimacy, which is part of the reason I wrote what I did. Although I'll be the first to admit it wasn't a tour de force, I gained invaluable insight into working with performers and directing for screen. Among the cast were Ofori, a friend on the drama course, Victoria, an amateur model and drama student, and Kim, a close friend (and ex-girlfriend) of mine. I have all but lost touch with Ofori and Victoria. Dan and I are still friends, and he later appeared in many of my projects including playing the downtrodden sidekick in my web series Hi, I'ma Draw Ya!. Kim, not pictured in this episode, is one of my closest and oldest friends. Think first two seasons Jerry and Elaine. That's us.