Past bing - march 28, 2011

failed video game parody

This episode features Moustachioed Bing, a running joke that started in 2011 and would run through many videos (vlogs and sketches). His first appearance was in a video called First Vlog. The character doesn't have an official name. He doesn't really need one.

At this time, Past Bing was signed to the multi-channel network Machinima. Although he never discusses it in any videos (business is something I still try not to talk about directly very often, just like romance), his relationship with the company was poor. This pilot was an attempt to get on board with some of the benefits of the contract (they were looking for new gaming content to give production support and marketing), but it wasn't something PB was really interested in. I was able to negotiate being released from the Machinima contract early, before PBFB started airing in 2012.