Past bing - february 24, 2011

in bed with jack howard

This episode was shot on the same evening as The Washing Up, a sketch where I threaten Jack with a knife in his bed. To achieve the look of a bed without expensive camera stands, we had to lay sheets and pillows on my bare wooden floor. It was not comfortable. Watch it here:

The pasta bake was tasty, but it didn't restore order to the universe like I'd hoped.

Meeting Jack

Jack Howard attended the University of Lincoln two years after Tom and I (graduating in 2013). At the time of this episode, I was in my final year and he his first. We had met for the first time months earlier at one of my house parties. That day he had sent Tom a message on YouTube (remember messaging on YouTube?) saying that he was also a YouTuber and now studying at Lincoln. Tom, with his usual flair for the dramatic, replied simply with my address and a time to be there. The following year his comedy partner, Dean, would transfer to Lincoln so they could work with each other more often.

This was the second of three domestic sketches we shot with Jack as the straight man to my neurotic housemate. It was preceded by fan favourite Jack vs The Sand, and followed by The Animal Kingdom.