Past bing - february 20, 2011

miss quincy's mittens

Tyler, pictured in this episode, records music under the moniker Tofu Stravinsky. His track Intermission later became the theme tune for Hi, I'ma Draw Ya!, his track Molly Left Me All Alone appeared in my final project Dear Molly (and inspired the title), and his track Torn Fauvist Sky appeared in the announcement trailer for PBFB. You can find him on Soundcloud.

Miss Quincy (SPOILERS)

I stayed in touch with Jodie and Jody after this, meeting again almost annually for two more years when the band visited London. The line-up has changed since this was recorded, but Miss Quincy are still recording and you can find their work here

Miss Quincy also turned up in a strange sequence of events after PBFB. Soon after the project ended, I advertised online about selling my Canon 5D (the camera that most of PBFB). It was purchased by a photographer who followed me, Jon, and we met in central London to make the exchange. Later that same week, I bumped into him (and the camera) at a Miss Quincy gig in Camden. It felt a little strange to see a new person using my camera, but recording people it and I had so much history with. After this strange convergence Jon and I stayed in touch, and we are good friends to this day.