Past bing - february 8, 2011

no routine

Time management is a recurring theme in PBFB because it is something that both PB and FB have trouble with. In the years since this project I have improved a great deal, but my day-to-day 'routine' is still very unpredictable.

At one point I receive a text and my phone plays 4 seconds of Last Resort by Papa Roach. For quite a long time, Tom and I played a variation on the game 'chicken' by setting our text tones to clips of embarrassing songs. The rules required us to leave the phone on loud at all times, even during lectures.

What was CakeBomb?

In this video I am packing up badges to send to customers of the CakeBomb store. CakeBomb was a kind of shared portfolio site where we maintained blogs and sold merchandise. The store page was little more than a few PayPal buttons, a precursor to the SMZV Store, which I would later incorporate and rebrand as HIT WITH WRENCH.

CakeBomb was founded by myself, Tom, and our friends Mina, Abi, Ruth, and Rosie in 2016. After we left college and began higher education the group drifted apart and we slowly found new collaborators. By 2012 CakeBomb was no more, but it had been an amazing learning experience that got Tom and I started as online personalities. To this day (6 years at time of writing), I sometimes accidentally type the first few letters 'ca...' or 'cake...' into my browser from sheer muscle memory.