future bing - june 5, 2012

jubilee / time eats all things

This episode marks the return of Beethoven, a talking bust borrowed from my dad's office. He also features in BROX. When PBFB ended I gave him back.

This episode was uploaded just after the Queen's Jubilee celebration in 2012, which gave me a reason to talk about collective memory and history (albeit in quite a shallow way). Five years on (at time of writing) my prediction about nobody caring seems to be accurate. In the mainstream zeitgeist, 2012 is remembered for other things. In that year London hosted the Olympics, CERN discovered a new particle, and Ernest Borgnine died. This topic has been touched on, in small ways, in subsequent videos on Bingradio, podcasts, and influenced several unfinished short film scripts and monologues over the years.