future bing - june 15, 2012

four things, no feelings

This video features Daniel Finn and Jamie practicing moves for Routine, a music video I wrote and directed for an electronic artist called Sudanim. The concept involved taking the children's game pat-a-cake and turning it into an illegal underground sport. We choreographed the entire 'fight' in detail, and every different move was given a name ('Standard', '1-2', 'Reverse 1-2', 'The Vader' etc.) so the actors could remember them easily.

Daniel Finn, who played the lead in Routine, is now an accomplished musical theatre writer. In the following years he co-created successful London shows including riZen and The Clockmaker's Daughter.

The other music video mentioned in this episode is Kings Of Men by Dancing Lotus. The song was a collaboration between the band and Elliott Morris, whom I would work with on countless projects over the following years.