future bing - february 3, 2017

Life in the Future! -uture! -uture!

Future Tech becomes an ongoing theme in this series' Future Bing episodes. FB becomes obsessed with Snapchat Spectacles, shoots a 360 episode, and works with DoubleMe and the Microsoft Hololens.

James Marks, seen in this episode, previously worked at ChannelFlip. During the original FB's year, and for a couple following years, I worked with them on various campaigns and appeared in the crowdfunded feature film Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild. James was a member of the team on most of those projects, and later left ChannelFlip to work in other areas of interactive technology.

Animator/writer/YouTuber Matt Ley appears briefly in this episode. He was one of a handful of Ravensbourne students I had previously known for many years as a friend. One of the strangest things about my first year there was that some of my friends and collaborators were suddenly my students.

Liam, who appears briefly in this episode, is a former member of the YouTube duo World of the Orange. He and Brad, the other founding member of WOTO, appeared a lot in the original PBFB while their channel was active. In 2014 Liam left WOTO to concentrate on his graphic design work at Google, and Brad moved out of London to become a full time member of Felix Kjellberg's (Pewdiepie) editing and social media team.