future bing - january 24, 2017

shoe haul

This episode features my third ever encounter with Marie Jacquemin, a film student (at the time) and vlogger from Germany. Some of her footage from the day made it into her video for New Age Creators about Social Anxiety.

At the beginning of this episode I use the word 'coffee' but show a green juice. Future Bing at this point has a very strict embargo on caffeine consumption, but it's much easier to just invite people out for a 'coffee' anyway.

Near the beginning of the episode there is a shot of one of my shoes, the Cole Haan Zerogrands, that I mention later. I was planning to foreshadow the shoe obsession for much longer by dropping in unrelated shots like that in different episodes (there is a previous FB where the Eric Koston SBs are prominent in the background). However by complete fluke the day turned to shoe shopping with Marie, so I decided to scrap that plan and make this the shoe episode.