future bing - january 22, 2017

childlike wonder spectacles

Through 2016 and 2017 Snap Inc, the recently rebranded parent company of Snapchat, launched their 'Spectacles' as one-two punch consumer product and grassroots marketing campaign. Amid speculation of an upcoming IPO, Spectacles let the company hint at their intentions to move forward as a camera company whilst also generating buzz around their existing app. Knowing all of this as both a fan of Snapchat AND a lecturer of emerging technologies in media, I got hooked.


In 2016-17 I got pretty hooked on the social video app Snapchat, and a regular staple of my second channel became Snapchat compilations. For exactly the reason described above, I love its ability to capture everyday moments that might otherwise be missed in more 'traditional' video blogs. My Snapchat handle is 'slomozovo', and it really pisses me off I can't change it. A full gallery of Snapchat compilations can be found on my website.

Gerard, who appears in this episode, lived with us in the Arena for 6 months before we moved out in 2017. At this point in Past Bing's year, his room is being occupied temporarily by Daniel Dobbs.