future bing - january 20, 2017

money reading list

This episode marks the first appearance of the Lenin bust candle.


Money was a recurring theme in the original PBFB, with both Past and Future Bing struggling with the unpredictable nature of being a freelancer, as well as this one. As FB discusses in this episode, January 2016 marked the true start of my financial self-education. Over the following months I devoured several books about personal finance and personal development, and re-organised my finances. I even attended a few meetings and events (some were creepy pyramid schemes where everyone smiled too much- you know that smile people have when they're trying to sell you something?) to get out of my comfort zone.

As a result, one of the greatest differences between PB and FB this time around is that FB is not worried about money. In early 2017 (time of writing, so fingers crossed for the future) I felt that the familiar background noise of worrying about cash flow and bills was fading away and I could finally concentrate on other things.