Future bing - january 18, 2017

The simple answer

This is the first episode of PBFB to ever feature vertical footage, taken from my Snapchat story. It prompted a few interesting conversations with fans and friends about how spontaneous social video is now compared to 2011-12 when I was recording the original series. Apps like Snapchat may allow us to capture things more impulsively and potentially be more honest, but the skills and resources available when you're working with a camera and editing software that allow you to enhance meaning can't be replaced.


In 2016-17 I got pretty hooked on the social video app Snapchat, and a regular staple of my second channel became Snapchat compilations. For exactly the reason described above, I love its ability to capture everyday moments that might otherwise be missed in more 'traditional' video blogs. My Snapchat handle is 'slomozovo', and it really pisses me off I can't change it. A full gallery of Snapchat compilations can be found on my website.