future bing - may 20, 2012

creepy future bing

In this episode I mention packing up and shipping copies of my comic, Captain Baculum. As part of a promotion, Jamie and I drew on the envelopes of over 100 orders.

Captain Baculum

In 2009 I started work on a webcomic called Captain Baculum. In the early days it was also known by a longer title, Captain Baculum, Where is Supreme Commander?, and appeared on my blog at CakeBomb (now discontinued) and DeviantART. At first it mainly existed for me to improve my Photoshop and drawing skills. I would take conversations and ideas from my daily life and draw nonsensical conversations between Captain Baculum (me) and characters based on my friends. (The early character design that would later become Fouchy was based on Tom, and the design for Alex on PivotRJ, the animator of the first asdfmovie.)

In 2010 I scrapped the webcomic approach in favour of writing an original story. Although Captain Baculum was still modelled on me, he had a life and friends of his own for the first time. I stopped uploading straight to the internet and began working on a book, Captain Baculum Episode 1: Baculum Sets Sail. I had it printed in Lincoln and the first copies went on sale at MCM Comic Expo London. A second episode was supposed to be right behind it, but it ended up not being printed until 2013. At the same time, I commissioned limited edition covers for both copies by artist friends including Jamie, Maddy Vian, and Jess Bradley. The third and final episode, Baculum Solves Everything, was almost ready to be printed in 2016, but got put on hold again while I worked on music and generally sorted a lot of stuff out. As of writing this (January 2017), I plan to print it this year and conclude the project.

Captain Baculum is available to buy worldwide at HIT WITH WRENCH.