future bing - april 28, 2012

The calm before the storm

James Booth / Pixel Spill

This episode marks the first appearance of James Booth, a fellow student at Lincoln who graduated two years later than us alongside Jack. A few days after this video was shot, he helped us make a sketch called A Billion Dollars. After completing his bachelor's degree in media production, Jim decided that the film industry wasn't for him and founded his own video game company Pixel Spill. Their first project was Tom's iPhone game, KatataK. Pixel Spill's second project, Outreach, was a cold-war inspired narrative adventure set on a soviet space station. I joined his marketing team and attended Gamescom with him in 2016 to promote the game. Although we didn't know each other very well in Lincoln, he has become one of my closest friends.

Also briefly appearing in this episode are Daniel Dobbs, Dean's brother, a fantastic guitarist and songwriter I would later work with on several collaborative tracks. He performs on my first full length album, Progress, as well as on several standalone covers. Later, in the anniversary series, he would spend a few weeks living in our house. Elliot, who makes a small appearance at the pub, would later become a full time member of Tom's production company TurboPunch Ltd.