future bing - april 24, 2012

cheese song

This song was written and recorded by Todd Bryanton, who also composed the opening stings for PBFB and My Bing-a-ling montage theme.


So some minor clarification is needed on this episode. Although FB wholeheartedly believes he is lactose intolerant, I have since come to the conclusion that it is only a mild sensitivity to it. Eating dairy in any large amount is generally bad for any human, and it seems to affect me a little more than average. However, I LOVE it, particularly cheese. I eat it occasionally now, but avoid it as much as possible. Understanding our bodies can be just as slow and winding a path as understanding our thoughts and feelings, and sometimes it can take us a long time to figure this kind of thing out. In much the same way, both PB and FB struggle with caffeine addiction without understanding what is happening to them. In 2016-2017, this kind of issue would be more gravely illustrated in the anniversary series as PB struggles with depression and anxiety unknowingly caused by his medication.