future bing - april 14, 2012

sick from nonsense

This became one of my favourite episodes of FB. It is an episode that captures how formless and unusual my life was at the time, some of my closest relationships, and the kinds of unremarkable moments that otherwise go undocumented.


Around this time the housemates at the Arena got hooked on Minecraft. We set up a private server from my iMac, and friends would come over for long sessions of building and exploration. Not a huge fan of crafting elaborate palaces, I prefer to explore the terrain and try to map it out. Seen in this episode is one of my many outposts. I would build them at nightfall, or in areas of note, and fill them with supplies for future visits or weary travellers. Soon after FB ended we got bored of Minecraft.


NewMusic was a channel run by Liam Jackson (one half of World of the Orange, alongside Brad Smith). Their voices can be heard at the beginning of the episode, from our shoot with folk rock band To Kill a King. We recorded two live performances with them on the bank of the river Thames, lit only by candles and natural spill from street lamps. In the following months I would film a few other live sessions and gigs with Liam. The channel went on hiatus in April 2013 so we could work on other things. The last playlist we uploaded featured Miss Quincy as our guest curators.

Barry from SORTEDFood, a successful online cooking franchise, is mentioned but does not appear. I appeared as a guest on SORTED in November 2011, after which we became good friends. In the years that followed I occasionally worked for them as a camera operator.

The application I am using on my Nintendo DS is a homebrew application called Animanitee, running on an R4 card.

ZeFrank's Kickstarter

At one point I am watching ZeFrank's announcement for his new series of The Show. On March 9, 2012 he successfully crowdfunded his return to YouTube to the tune of $146,752. The campaign was typically vague and hyperbolic, and didn't actually explain what (if anything) he planned to do with the money. We made fun of it accordingly. He is now the EVP for Video at Buzzfeed.