future bing - march 29, 2012

Miss quincy's return

This is one of the few Future Bing episodes that serves as a direct follow-up to a Past Bing- the return of Jody and Miss Quincy, and the return of her mittens.


I have stayed in touch with Jody in the years since PBFB, and saw her again when the band visited London the next year. The line-up has changed since this was recorded, but Miss Quincy are still recording and you can find their work here

Miss Quincy also turned up in a strange sequence of events after PBFB. Soon after the project ended, I advertised online about selling my Canon 5D (the camera that most of PBFB). It was purchased by a photographer who followed me, Jon, and we met in central London to make the exchange. Later that same week, I bumped into him (and the camera) at a Miss Quincy gig in Camden. It felt a little strange to see a new person using my camera, but recording people it and I had so much history with. After this strange convergence Jon and I stayed in touch, and we are good friends to this day.