future bing - march 27, 2012

edd shaped hole - Rip edd gould (1988-2012)

Losing Edd

On the 25th March 2012 Edd Gould, animator and creator of the web series Eddsworld, passed away. He had been living with leukemia, and an infection took him quickly in the night. His death would have lasting ramifications for everyone close to him. It changed Matt and Tom, his oldest friends, profoundly. It changed me, my work, and this project. Losing someone our own age forced us to confront death in a far more immediate way than the loss of, for instance, a grandparent.

In the years since Edd's death, he has managed to achieve an awful lot. Under family instruction he was cremated, and a portion of his ashes given to Tom and Matt. Those ashes have traveled the world, coming to Los Angeles with us later in 2012. We took Edd to Medieval Times, which he had always wanted to go. In 2016 Edd attended Matt's wedding, and even appears in photos with the other groomsmen.

To this day I carry a napkin from that visit to Medieval Times in the back page of my diary. It reminds me not to leave things until later.