future bing - february 19, 2012

i r adult

To this day I have never completed Tomb Raider.

The Downstairs Neighbours

'The Arena', our home in South London where I would live for many more years, was a conversion of the first floor and attic of an attached house. This meant that our neighbours on both sides and below were sometimes a little too close for comfort. My bedroom in particular was a source of constant clashes with our neighbours downstairs because it was directly above their bedroom. As de facto living room as well, we were often up late in my room making noise. At one point our downstairs neighbours even shared the cost of sound-proofing my floor, as seen in a previous FB, although it didn't have much effect.

The neighbours we are annoying in this episode of FB moved the following year and let to a new couple, who started annoying us with late night partying and bad music. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.