Future Bing - february 17, 2012

wonderbuck friday & text tone chicken

In this video (and many others) I am wearing a Ricky Martin t-shirt that is slightly too small for me. It was a gift from a friend called Mina, who was at one time a contributor on our old website CakeBomb. Although we lost touch after university, I continued to wear the t-shirt far too often for many years.

The Rules of Text Tone Chicken

  1. Pick a friend, or several friends, to play with
  2. Each player must replace their standard message sound effect with a 2-5 second clip from an embarrassing popular song (I suggest hit singles from the 90s or 00s by artists like Vengaboys, Britney Spears, or Nickelback)
  3. Silent mode is not permitted- each player's phone must remain with its volume on high at all times, even during lectures, meetings, and at night
  4. When a player puts their phone on silent or turns it off, they are out
  5. The last player with their phone sound still on and their custom tone running wins
  6. There is no time limit- a game of Text Tone Chicken may last days or even months