Frequently Asked Questions

i still don't get it. What the hell is PBFB?

Past Bing Future Bing is a video diary that alternates between the past and present by exactly one year. The date that each video was filmed and edited is attached to its title so you can see which year it belongs to. Here's a handy diagram:


Wait, so this is like daily vlogging but with a time capsule element?

Yes, although when OG PB started in 2011 daily vlogging was not as common as it is now. The project was partly inspired by series like Brotherhood 2.0 by John and Hank Green, a collaborative series where two brothers sent each other video diaries.

What equipment did you use to make PBFB?

Many cameras, microphones, and mobile devices were used to compile PBFB. Occasionally it wasn't noted down, for instance when I borrowed someone else's camera, but here is an almost comprehensive list:

Canon 5D mkII (+ Canon EF 50mm, Canon EF 17-40mm)
Canon 60D
Sony Handycam HDR-HC5
Flip HD
iPhone 4
Canon C100 (studio footage)
Sony FS700 (studio footage)
RODE VideoMic
Zoom H4n
PBFB 2017
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3
iPhone 6S
Snapchat Spectacles
Microsoft Hololens
SE X1 vocal mic
Sennheiser AVX radio clip mic

What happened to [insert name]? Are you still friends with [insert name]??

If you're hungry for extra insight you might find what you're looking for in the trivia sections for each episode. I have done my best to fill in the blanks or link episodes, people, and other videos together. That said, I have also tried to respect the privacy of my friends, colleagues, and family members (who were nice enough to agree to be in it in the first place). If your question hasn't been answered, there's probably a good reason.


Due to the nature of the project things like tenses and perspectives can get a bit confused. The trivia sections on this website were mostly written years after the videos were uploaded. Sometimes I refer to myself as I, sometimes I talk about PB or FB in the third person, sometimes I talk about their future, sometimes I talk about my past. You'll just have to deal.

Did you ever fake it or backdate a video?

No. Every video only uses footage from that time in my life, give or take a day or so. In the interest of transparency, I should admit that some Past Bing episodes were edited (or re-edited) by Future Bing when extreme circumstances called for it. However, the majority of episodes were shot and edited on the same day.

Did you ever want to give up?

I struggled a few times when stress or grief made it hard to think about performing to a camera, but no. The closest I came to giving up was in the first few weeks of Past Bing in 2011. After that, I was too invested to stop.

I love this idea! Do you mind if I do my own?

Not at all! In fact over the years quite a few fans have created their own Past X Future X projects, sometimes changing the rules to suit them better, or creating hybrids by mixing the format with other trends and tags...

What's Present Bing up to?

Your guess is as good as mine. Christopher Bingham is a lecturer, consultant, comedian, editor, and music producer. He has a website here, a main YouTube channel, a second channel (where PBFB lives alongside other vlogs), a Soundcloud, a Twitter, an Instagram, and a Facebook fan page.