Past bing - january 25, 2011

determinism cider

This was one of the first evenings that would become a weekly tradition. To this day (5 years later at time of writing), we still gather on Tuesday evenings to talk, drink, and eat. The cast has changed a little over the years, but the spirit is the same as when we were students.

Man 'Time' or Man 'Night'?

Over the years there has been controversy regarding the name of the event. Our first evening out was nicknamed Tuesday with the Truemans, after the twins. Thereafter it was ironically retitled Man Time or Man Night. Nobody can accurately recall which was used first, Night or Time, which has been the cause of great debate for over half a decade. Despite campaigning heavily in favour of Man Time, I myself can be found on record using the lesser name in the Future Bing immediately prior to this episode.

In October 2011, several regulars (including Jacob, Mike, and Jack from this episode) started a podcast called Man Time Podcast. It ran for 20 episodes.