Past Bing - january 17, 2011

banjos & action

The Beginning

This is the very first episode of PB, making it the first of PBFB overall. I wanted to start a video blog, but I wanted it to have more of a purpose and consideration than just starting from scratch. The idea for PBFB stemmed from my growing obsession with time, and my curiosity about how people change and grow as it passes. Once I was set on doing something, the actual format came together very quickly over Christmas 2010. I probably should have given it more thought, but I just leapt into shooting PB. I started on the 17th January because I realised that the first few days of a year are usually uneventful.

This was the very first time I had ever vlogged. I had acted on camera, but never spoken to it like a person. It was an entirely new and very strange experience...

Hit It, the short film we were working in this episode, featured among its cast and extras a lot of close friends. 

Pictured here- Daniel, who would later star in my final year film project, and Tim, who would later move in with me after graduation.